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    Hi Jeanette-

    Sorry about the glitch.  We're still trying to get to the bottom of that.  It happened for a small group of people.  We sent out an email about it and included this link below.  If you scroll down when you get there you'll notice that all the days of the Brave Challenge 2.0 are there.  They will look similar to the first challenge, but have been modified and made just a bit more "Brave" for you :)

    Enjoy the Journey-

    Team Intention

  • Hi! I haven t receive the mails to challenge 2 . I signed up 15 days ago. Can you check please? Thank you so much for your great job! I really enjoy challenge 1 , I still repass my notes every day . I would like to take the other step!

  • Ebin

    Fix coming soon!  Hang in there with us please.  We didn't realize that we'd literally be sending out millions of emails when we started this!!!!  Did we mention it grows bravery to wait patiently? :-p

  • jeanette selfridge

    Thank you so much , patience is a virtue very few posses, love these emails , they have helped me so much , 

  • Catherine Schulze

    I actually got the first two and then a personal e-mail, but that's it! Can I start over I've had a cold since day three anyhow? It took me a week, and I am all better now. Also do I have to be a member of the FB page to do this? Because the fact that what I post is always deleted is sort the opposite of beneficial considering, my self esteem needing improvement is one of the reasons I started this.  

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